Do you want to become a disana retailer and sell our products in your store or online shop?

We are glad to hear that and would like to support you along this way.

Please note the following!

The amount of retailers who want to become our customers often exceeds our capacities. Therefore we limit the number of customers to avoid delivery bottlenecks. Due to that, we’re accepting counter retails in Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark only. We’re not accepting new online retailers in this countries at the moment.

We only sell to professional retailers who determine their trading license. We absolutely need a valid tax ID or VAT-ID from foreign prospective customers.

Not all our programmes can be ordered the whole year through. Our woolen apparel items must be ordered in spring with a preorder. We don’t accept apparel orders during the season, neither from new customers.

Send us your address and a short description of your business by fax, letter or e-mail. We looking forward to hear what is your special business fact.

You will receive a printed catalogue, price-list, order-sheets, information about us and a new customer questionnaire if you live in Europe. For overseas customers a dropbox-link with all necessary details is provided.

You are already holding all documents for an initial order in your hands now. As a legal note, we have to inform you that our offer is not a binding commitment for a business relationship. This arises only when we accept your order.

We need the filled in new customer questionnaire before or together with your order. With this data, you will be recorded as a disana customer. After you’ve been recorded, we will send you an e-mail with your customer-ID and with the login data for our online retailer area on These are the things that you need for ordering through our online shop.

When we received all necessary data and your initial order, we will enter these into our merchandise management system. Stock orders within Germany and with an order value below 500 Euros will be delivered right away without a confirmation. If you order through our online shop, you will get an automated order confirmation by e-mail.

Order from new foreign customers, order with an order value which exceeds 500 Euros and woolen apparel orders will be confirmed by us, including shipment information.

Attention! An order confirmation is NOT an invoice! For example order confirmations don’t include shipping costs. Therefore please don’t use confirmations for your payment.

Orders within Germany will be normally shipped with an invoice but we reserve the right of a delivery with payment in advance. Payment will be made via bank transfer.

Orders from foreign customers will be shipped with payment in advance. Therefore we send you an invoice including shipping costs by e-mail. You have the possibility to pay via bank transfer or with your credit card. We only need your credit card number and the expiry date. For security reason please tell us the card number on the phone or send it with 4-5 several e-mails. Your goods will be shipped as soon as we have received the payment or charged your credit card.

Your preorder which you have already sent us in spring, will have to be paid before or after your delivery in autumn.

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