Qualities of wool

No other fibre, whether of synthetic or natural origin, combines so many positive features such as wool:

The wool has a so-called natural thermo regularization quality. Wool can take up water in the fibre inside. However, the surface pushes off water. It can take up water up to one third of its dry weight without feeling humid and it derives humidity substantially faster than, e.g., cotton.

As woollen articles (referring to their whole volume) consist of up to 85% of air, they are good warm insulators. The body warmth escapes only a little. Therefore, colloquially one says that wool "warms" well, although wool of itself only reflects the heat radiation of the body.

Wool badly accepts dirt, is sweat-resistant and antistatic.
Through its "recovery capacity" wool hardly creases, as the fibre is very elastic. Wool articles are virtually non- iron.

Wool is very colour-resistant and hardly inflammable. It doesn’t burn but carbonizes only.
Wool accepts few smells (e.g., from sweat) in contrast to art fibres, and has a natural self-cleansing function. Taken up smells are secreted to the air and the wool smells neutrally and freshly again after a short time in the fresh air. Wool can chemically bind sweat and urine and therefore neutralize them for a long time.

Thanks to its scaly skin, wool can get felt-like under control. In that way our soft disana wool materials are produced.

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