Nature World

Let’s go to the forest and to the meadow. Play, romp around and run. disana children’s fashion is made for outdoor-life. 

The child-oriented cuts support the children’s urge to move. “Organic World” includes the colours that match best for outdoor fun. A new, brilliant blue harmonizes particularly well with the typical disana green. Both colours give this colour 

scheme a sporty character. Our colour “plum” is back, the purple disana colour so many customers missed. It has a very special place in the colour scheme “Organic World” and plays a major role for the interaction of this colour group. 

Boiled wool vest

Article number 424

The vest to wear inside and outside for any occasion. Our boiled wool vest comes in whenever a jumper is not enough. The fine boiled wool keeps nice and warm without it getting too hot underneath. The extra-long back prevents the waistcoat from riding up, keeping your child pleasantly warm even when they are playing wildly. Pockets let into the seams provide plenty of room for all kind of treasures. An organic cotton lining on the neck makes it ideally comfortable to wear and a jamming guard on the upper end of the zip protects the neck when closing the vest. 

Boiled wool trousers

Article number 333

The disana trousers for wind and sun. Our boiled wool trousers are designed to be warm and sturdy, yet lovely and soft. Cut especially high at the waist, they keep your child’s back and tummy warm and cosy. The wide cut leaves plenty of space for a nappy and warm clothing underneath. Two knitted braces ensure that everything stays in place. With their reinforced knees, our boiled wool trousers are especially good for crawling tots.

Basic jumper

Article number 312

A lightweight wool jumper by disana. Very simple with a classic cut, but unmistakable in its quality and design. With our basic jumper we wish to show that Merino wool doesn’t always have to be heavy and warm, but also fine and wonderfully lightweight. After all, we created it to be worn in rooms with temperatures above 68 degrees °F – in the class room, at playschool or while playing at home. 

Boiled wool overall

Article number 361

In ultra soft boiled wool from head to toe – that’s our disana boiled wool overall.

The big hood, the roll-ups on the arms and legs, the great fit, the lovely big tagua nut buttons: all these details help to make our boiled wool overall a really special addition to baby’s wardrobe. Air woven into the boiled wool regulates temperature and humidity like no other fabric. The high lanoline content in our wool envelops every single fibre, making the overall almost waterproof. Both these effects make the boiled wool overall great to wear over baby’s clothes when playing and romping around in the snow. 

Our new overall has also been given a newly shaped hood. 

Boiled wool booties

Article number 344

For tiny crawlers and walkers.

Their double Velcro fasteners make these disana boiled wool booties easy as pie to put on and adjust to suit baby’s feet. The long shank with sewn-in elastic stops the booties being knocked off. Non-slip soles keep baby safe when taking first steps or crawling. As our boiled wool booties are made of light disana boiled wool, they can also be used as slippers indoors. They are not designed for the garden or playground.

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