Modern Nordic

Natural materials, a clear line management and an instinct for special colours. For a long time now Nordic design has influenced our architecture and home furnishing. disana has picked up this simple and yet noble design when creating the colour world “Modern Nordic” and puts it perfectly into practice with timeless and clean cuts. By using fine lines and unremarkable details disana fashion pleasantly stands out from the rather motley mixed-colours and monotonous children’s fashion industry. 


The colours curry and rosé are two proper eye-catchers of this colour world. They match smoothly with the colours classy grey and the trend colour anthracite. That’s all you need for a perfect winter day. Children’s fashion can be so simple and yet so beautiful. That’s what Modern Nordic is like!

Boiled wool vest

Article number 424

The vest to wear inside and outside for any occasion. Our boiled wool vest comes in whenever a jumper is not enough. The fine boiled wool keeps nice and warm without it getting too hot underneath. The extra-long back prevents the waistcoat from riding up, keeping your child pleasantly warm even when they are playing wildly. Pockets let into the seams provide plenty of room for all kind of treasures. An organic cotton lining on the neck makes it ideally comfortable to wear and a jamming guard on the upper end of the zip protects the neck when closing the vest.

Boiled wool skirt

Article number 471

Our latest disana children’s collection also features a cute boiled wool skirt.

Thanks to its clever cut it doesn’t ride up while playing and running, and the extra-high knitted waistband makes sure that everything stays in place. Our little skirt is also fitted with small pockets with plenty of room for everything your child might need.

The knitted waistband is available in our two-colour melange look. In this way the skirt matches our disana jackets, jumpers or leggings even better. 

Knitted leggings

Article number 332

Tromping around, playing, running – ready for the day to begin. Our disana knitted leggings take it all in their stride and keep your child thoroughly warm. The fine ribbed knit make our leggings especially flexible and a gentle elastic in the waistband keep them up without pinching. They are also especially soft and light, and can be worn at home or outdoors. Our leggings come in several bright colours and are great to mix and match with our wool products. 

Outdoor jacket

Article number 423

What would a children’s collection be without a jacket suited for fun time and playing outside? Our disana outdoor jacket leaves nothing to be desired and makes sure the little ones are comfortable and warm even at minus temperatures and in the snow.

The jacket is made completely of soft disana boiled wool material and the body and the hood are padded with fine organic cotton. Wide cuffs on the sleeves and the body keep the child safe from the cold. The cuffs on the sleeves are especially long and thanks to the thumb hole they can quickly replace forgotten gloves and keep the hands warm even in cold temperatures.

The hood can be matched to your child’s head shape thanks to the wide cords. And since the cords are internal and not fitted all around, they also keep the neck out of harm’s way.

As an additional safety feature our outdoor jacket is provided with reflecting stripes on the front and the back of the body and on the sleeves. In this way the jacket and your child are well visible at dusk and in the dark.

Boiled wool gloves

Article number 342

Our disana boiled wool gloves are an absolute must whenever you enjoy a walk, a sleigh ride or a snowball fight. The unique features of natural wool mean your child’s hands stay warm and dry. The high lanoline content in our wool envelops every single fibre, making them water-resistant. Our boiled wool gloves, too, come with a band to keep everything in its proper place.

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