Organic Classic

Let’s discover the big backyard, the great playground in the park or even the entire town. Sometimes a new world is just around the corner. Either using the scooter or already the bicycle. Cruising through the neighbourhood on own wheels. Our disana children’s clothing is also made for that because we know who the articles are made for and what our little customer’s demands are. 

“Classic Organic” combines the colours for little explorers. No matter if you wear shiny red, solid hazelnut brown or navy blue, in beautiful clothes like that the world can’t be big enough. 

Boiled wool coat

Article number 427

“A cute and festive coat” – this was our sewing room’s first reaction to the design. And our boiled wool coat is something for the special days indeed. Whenever there is a need for a little more formal apparel, our disana boiled wool coat takes centre stage.

The coat’s long cut is perfect for colder days and the stylish collar keeps your child’s neck cosy and warm. Thanks to the thin cotton lining it won’t irritate the skin, either.

The latch in the back gives the coat a waisted fit that underlines its elegant design.

Long, concealed cuffs on the sleeves keep your child safe from the cold.

Two large buttoned pockets on the front of the coat offer plenty of room for 

everything your child might need.


Article number 357

A knitted beanie like no other. Once your children wear them, they are ready to go. Thanks to its soft half cardigan stitch our disana beanie is especially elastic and pleasant to wear. It is made completely from new Merino wool and it is knitted from three threads, which makes it particularly warm. The beanie also comes with a fine, knitted-in partial lining that doesn’t irritate the skin on the forehead or the temples. Our beanie is available in two different lengths: classic and extra-long. 

Boiled wool skirt

Article number 471

Our latest disana children’s collection also features a cute boiled wool skirt.

Thanks to its clever cut it doesn’t ride up while playing and running, and the extra-high knitted waistband makes sure that everything stays in place. Our little skirt is also fitted with small pockets with plenty of room for everything your child might need.

The knitted waistband is available in our two-colour melange look. In this way the skirt matches our disana jackets, jumpers or leggings even better. 

Boiled wool jacket

Article number 323

The boiled wool jacket for boys and girls. Made of finely processed boiled wool with great attention to detail. With a large hood matching the children’s head shapes and pockets let into the seams with plenty of room for everything they might need. Large tagua nut buttons help small hands to put on and take off the jacket. The extended back section prevents the jacket from riding up and keeps the children’s back nice and warm when they bend over or crawl along. The hood, neck and shoulders are lined with fine organic cotton.

Knitted jacket

Article number 322

Our new disana knitted jacket is also made of lightweight single-bed knitted fabric. Just like our basic jumper it is produced on only one needle bed in the knitting machine instead of the usual two.

This makes the fabric slightly thinner and more lightweight, which turns the jacket into a real all-rounder to wear both inside and outside. And of course, soft new Merino wool will keep your child warm.

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