disana woollen apparel

The disana woollen apparel programme is especially made for babies and small children with a size range from size 50/56 to 110/116.

Like all other disana articles, our woollen programme is only available in specialized shops. Normally it can be bought there in the time period from August to April. You will find the shops, in which you can get our articles, on the retailer-list in the area for private customers.

Snuggly pure new Merino wool is used for our apparel programme and shows there its unique benefits.

Wool keeps your child warm because its naturally crinkled fibres hold in a lot of air. Wool balances

temperature and provides extra body heat in cooler surroundings.

Pure new Merino wool can absorb up to a third of its own weight in moisture without feeling damp. Thanks to its lanolin content, the fibre also offers protection from external wetness, with pearls of water forming on its surface.

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