disana cardigan

Article-no. 3212

col. 121 grey

col. 199 anthracite

col. 219 lagoon

col. 315 rose

col. 398 bordeaux

col. 447 curry

col. 458 gold

col. 942 navy-blue

col. 963 plum-rose

size 86/92

12-24 months

size 98/104

2-3 years 

Gr. 110/116

4-5 Jahre

Gr. 122/128

6-8 Jahre

Gr. 134/140

9-10 Jahre

Our disana knitted jacket is also made of lightweight single-bed knitted fabric. Just like our plain-coloured knitted pullover it is produced on only one needle bed in the knitting machine instead of the usual two. This makes the fabric slightly thinner and more lightweight, which turns the jacket into a real all-rounder to wear both inside and outside. And of course, soft new Merino wool will keep your child warm.


Out of 100% organic Merino wool.

Available in Autumn 2019.

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