disana double-face cushion cover

Article-no. 543

col. 17 grey-curry

col. 35 red-rose

col. 42 blue-navy

col. 51 hazelnut-nature

col. 91 anthracite-grey

50 x 50 cm

Our double-face blanket introduces a completely new boiled wool material to the disana range. It is heavier than our previous boiled wool, but still wonderfully soft and elastic. Of course it is the two-colour look that makes our double-face blanket so special. The material with two differently coloured sides is neither sewed nor glued, it is simply bonded using a special knitting technique. While boiling this material, each side takes up a little colour from the other, which creates the fabulous melange shades. We have selected the four most beautiful colour combinations for you and developed a new and exceptional boiled wool blanket and cushion cover collection. The cushion cover can be easily opened and the inlet inserted using the zip on one side.


Out of 100% organic Merino wool

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