Kids collection

What to do when babies become toddlers, runners or even go to kindergarten and school?

Often we’ve been asked to also produce articles in bigger sizer. We made this wish come true with a small but nice kids collection.

Especially made for kids in kindergarten and school from size 98/104 (2-3 years) up to 134/140 (9-10 years). Our outdoor jackets and children’s coats will be available even in size 146/152 (11-12 years).

There are 4 centrepieces in this collection: our outdoor jackets, coats, loop scarfs and skirts are made for the play and fun outside. With cuts, colours and specials which meet the requirements of kids who aren’t that small anymore.

Appropriately, there are matching leggings, jumpers, beanies and some more in bigger sizes...

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