We have set ourselves the goal to produce favourite pieces.

Everlasting fashion, classic, basic and convenient for everyday. Clothing that brings joy to both children and parents. 


Clothing that emphasizes our children’s natural beauty and underlines it with timeless and clear cuts. 

Colour Worlds

Our children’s world should be joyful and colourful. A place where they can play and laugh. disana wants to accompany children in this world by providing clothes that are free of harmful chemicals and have cuts that support their urge to move instead of constricting them. In addition with an excellent quality that can be worn for a long time and a design that is timeless and still trendy.

Our new children’s clothing is joyful and colourful too with a larger number of colours and the melange colours which are characteristic for disana. In doing so we attached a lot of importance to compatibility of articles.

We grouped all colours that harmonise very well together into “colour worlds”. The colours in those colour worlds complement each other very well and offer a wide range of possible combinations. Five basic colours lay the foundation for each colour world and function as a guideline when selecting disana articles. Each colour world represents its own atmosphere, its own style and its own colour sense. Yet the different colour worlds can also be combined with each other and offer the possibility of creating own colour compositions and own ideas. No matter how you combine them, our new disana kids clothing range makes you looking forward to the upcoming autumn/winter season.

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