Factory outlet

Opening ours:

Monday to Friday:
  9.00 - 12.00 o'clock and
14.00 - 17.00 o'clock

Here you will find our factory outlet:

Rosenstr. 26

72805 Lichtenstein - Holzelfingen, Germany

From 31 July 17 to 25 August the road L387 from Unterhausen up to Holzelfingen is closed due to construction works. So please note that the traffic will be redirectet through Honau. To honor your visit in our factory outlet, we will give you a boiled wool hat or boiled wool gloves from our extraordinary items for free during the time of the construction works. This offer is valid for purchases with the amount of 25 Euros and higher.


If desired, we also offer a training how to diaper with our nappy-system! 

The new disana Autumn/Winter collection arrived! All colours and sizes available, many items are 2nd choice.

Special items from our old collection:

Knitted sleeping bag size 1 (65cm) - orange and red € 19

Boiled wool jacket size 62/68 - red, blue, hazelnut € 40

Boiled wool jacket size 74/80 - red € 52,80

(Only valid until stock lasts)


Studio for home textiles, fabrics and sewing accessories

Please note that we don't sell fabrics for commercial purposes and the purchase quantity is limited to 2 metres.

... and many souvenirs for everyone!

For us it is self-evident that all our products sold in our factory outlet correspond to high ecological standards.

We look forward to welcome you!


Please note, that the mentioned styles are only available in our factory outlet and can not be delivered at home.

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