Social commitment - La Casa de Acogida Mantay

Last year in December some of our products travelled to Peru. Mrs. Weiland welcomed our donation for the Casa Mantay. The Casa de Acogida Mantay in Cusco (Peru) is a sanctuary for unwanted pregnant girls.

The situation for women in Cusco's department in Peru is disastrous: 61% of the women in this region report from experiences of psychical violence on the part of their men and 47% report from sexual violence, which means that 2 of 3 women suffer from physical or sexual violence.  

The Casa Mantay was founded in 2000 and helped over 200 underaged women and their children until today with offering them a temporary home. The women are over a life of suffering with psychical and physical abuses. The Casa Manty offers this young mothers and their children an unequivocal support - from a home and food, school education, psychical and legal support through to finding an independent way into a normal life.

The association Mantay Peru e.V. Germany serves for sponsorship and support of the Casa Acogida Mantay. The donations run directly into the sections social development and integration, education, health care and capacity building. The Casa Mantay is a part of the Asociación Qallariy, Proyectos para la Ayuda al Desarollo - an association which is approved charitable according to peruvian law.

The pictures show the children in the Casa Mantay, wearing their new disana pullovers.

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